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Permanent Make-Up is perfect For

Everyone from the young to the elderly who desire a soft natural enhancement of their appearence


Busy people - professional and housewives who value their appearance, but do not have time t constantly reapply the make-up.

Physically Active People - who want to look great even when participating in sweaty pursuits.

Vision Impaired - persons who have difficulty applying make-up.

Motor Impaired - persons, including those with arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors and those with unsteady hands.

Allergy Sufferers - who are sensitive to normal cosmetics.

Alopecia Areata - who have lost partial or all facial hair including eyebrows and / or eyelashes.

Chemotherapy - recipients with full or partial hair loss.

Post Surgery or Injury - those seeking nipple areola re-pigmentation or creation, camouflage of scars and burns, redefinition of facial features.

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